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First UMC Nurturing Ministry...Helping our Church Family Stay Connected.

This ministry helps us with visitation of our Shut Inns and those in the hospital. It also helps with our fellowship meals throughout the year including our fifth Sunday Pot-lucks.

Visitation Team

This team is made up of individuals who visit our shut-ins on a regular basis. The number of shut-in's varies so volunteers are welcome. Hand's on training is available.

Card Ministry Team

This team helps send out special cards throughout the year to help encourage one another in Christ.

Pot-Luck Team

Throughout the year we have various fellowship meals. Every Fifth Sunday we have a pot-luck. We also have other meals like a Saddar meal during Holy Week or a special Easter Brunch on Easter Sunday. If you like working in the Kitchen, then you may want to volunteer to help in the ministry.

For more information on any of these ministry opportunities and or to volunteer please call office at (512)556-5513