Pastor's Note
Senior Pastor, Reverend, Paul Allan

Dear Church Family,

Maintaining our spiritual vitality as Christians can be difficult. Overtime we can find our passion for Christ diminishing if we are not intentional about fanning the flames of revival. Maybe you have been wondering about this very thing?

I realize that we don't really use the word Revival much anymore. When you see the word Revival it may conger up certain images for you. Perhaps for you, revival is quaint at best, at worst it calls up the image of a big tent meeting where slick talking preachers pace back and forth taking advantage of gullible believers.

However, the word revival simply means to reinvigorate, to restore to life, to become strong and healthy after a period of decline, to renew or revitalize. There are times that my faith has been strong and other times that I have been distracted and become to busy for my spiritual life.

What is true of individuals like me is true of churches. That is why this month we are going to look together at how John Wesley found and fostered revival in his life of faith. I believe that John Wesley's faith continues to speak a relevant message to Christian's today. A message calling for revival in our hearts and minds to see our world impacted by the Gospel in a transformative way.

For this series I will use the Holy Scriptures while also drawing from Adam Hamilton's book on John Wesley called, "Revival Faith as John Wesley Lived It". I believe this series will help better equip us with some timeless truths to fan the flames of revival. My hope and prayer is that we may all experience our own revival, both individually and as the body of Christ.

Living in His grace,
Pastor Paul
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