Pastor's Note
Senior Pastor, Reverend, Paul Allan

Dear Church Family,

Christmas is coming have you started preparing? Some of us have lots of things to do during this season that the church calls "Advent". There are Christmas parties, Church Cantatas, and Christmas Pageants to attend. There is shopping, decorating, and preparing special meals. Some of us will travel and some of us will entertain family and friends. And, don't forget the annual Christmas cards or newsletter. Yes, Christmas is coming and soon we will be counting down the days.

It strikes me, that the word Advent means "coming". During the season of Advent, we are supposed to be celebrating the coming of Christ. Now I realize that the culture around us tries to drown that message out, and that we are bombarded with commercialism on a whole new level at this time of year. So, I wouldn't blame anyone for losing site of the true message of Christmas.

However, I feel compelled to urge us, to try and push through the noise and clamor of Christmas to celebrate Christ's Advent in a different kind of way this year. That's why I am doing an Advent sermon series called "Prepare the Way". Before Jesus began his earthly ministry, the prophet John called people in Judea and the surrounding area to repentance. His message was simple, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord". In other words, prepare for his coming.

Church, here we are in December of 2017 in the year of our Lord, who has already come. But, now we look with great anticipation for his promised return. The second Advent. The very last words of Christ to the Church are recorded in the last chapter and book of our Holy Bible saying: "…Surely I am coming soon…" (Revelation 22:20).

We must not only prepare to celebrate his first coming almost two thousand years ago, we must remember that he is coming back. This is what ought to fill us with great hope, and peace, joy and love this Christmas season and beyond! So, let's focus on that message as we shop for loved ones, lets also take time to help those in need. As we sit down to eat at our feast let's remember the Lord is coming back for those who have nothing, will we be prepared for his coming?

Preparing the way,
Pastor Paul
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