Youth Ministry


We all have that person in our lives that we long to be with or see after we have gone long periods of time without them. During the holidays we have that cousin, aunt, uncle, brother, or sister or maybe even our parents or grandparents that we don't get to see on a regular basis that as the time nears there is this great excitement or anticipation of their arrival. Then when they arrive you try to cram as much time together as possible, because in the pit of your stomach you know that your time together is limited and the day of them leaving is hanging in the background. Well as Followers of Jesus Christ do we have that same excitement for the return of Jesus Christ? Are we longing to be with Him for eternity? That is our great reward, and as we do our work spreading the gospel to as many as we can here on Earth, that excitement should be coming through and not just treated as a story in the scriptures, a future event that is going to happen some day and we have grown so flippant about that we just merely mention in passing or we skim over those scriptures that speak of that GREAT and AWESOME DAY. The church should be excited and busting at the seams to tell of our wonderful, loving savior that IS RETURNING to set up His Kingdom and we get to be a part of that!! That's awesome day to look forward to, we will get to be with our King and Lord forever, but that certainly is not to overshadow what we are to be doing while we are here in this earthly body until that great day. Let us be filled with JOY and HOPE that is contagious to a hurting and dying world. HE IS COMING SOON!

We have a very busy month coming up with Camp in the first part of February, D-NOW with some other churches, a few special events during our Sunday nights The Fellowship and we are beginning to make plans for spring and summer. If you feel like God is calling you to be involved with the youth in anyway at all, come talk to me and we will find a place for you to fit and begin being a part in the lives of our youth and helping them navigate through life. Thank you for all the support and love, God Bless!

Together in Christ,
Robert Lindsey
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