Youth Ministry


He is RISEN!!! Wow what that statement does to me every time is unexplainable, and I feel the only justice I can do it is to get busy with the work of the Kingdom. But is that what we should be doing is just being busy with work? I know I'm guilty of sometimes getting lost in the business of “church work” and planning things just because, instead of slowing down to listen to the Spirit and being intentional with what I'm doing or planning. Why is that a big deal you ask? Jesus was intentional with everything He did, it was always pointing back to the Father and had everything to do with the Father's business and plan. He had a purpose to walk those streets carrying that cross and He had me (each of us) in mind while He was doing it. His death, burial, and resurrection were the line being drawn in the sand for each of us as Followers of Christ to receive that free gift and get focused on the Kingdom of God and our lives, and decisions to have that purpose to them. So, I have been convicted to make sure what I'm doing for the Kingdom is profitable for the Kingdom and not just what I think I should be doing and that it has a purpose, to point to the Father.

Y.O.M. (Youth On Mission) was great and I would love to thank everyone that volunteered, cooked, served, and had any part in making it the huge success that it was. The impact the kids had on this community by showing the Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ is unmeasurable! I saw kids pray that normally don't pray out loud, I saw the youth pray for people with reckless love. I'm excited that the Salvation Army partnered with us this year and with out their generosity it would not have accomplished as much as it did, and I look forward to this relationship with them in the future. It's not over and more will be coming later...

God Bless,
Robert Lindsey
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